Point of Care Solutions

Multiple solutions fit primary health care centers, clinics and small laboratories by providing a comprehensive near patient testing solutions allows the health care provider to analyze patient’s samples on spot, with high standard technologies to cover most of common blood tests needed for routine testing like Diabetic parameters (HbA1c, Glucose), Renal and liver function, lipid profile, other general chemistry and CBC parameters.

An advance and rapid automated system for detecting viral infection Antigens to cover most current viral infections such Flu A &B, RSV and Adenovirus by Fujifilm AG II Analyzer.


Providing all COVID-19 detection solutions. (POC-PCR, Antigen rapid test)

Newborn screening for G6PD, Direct bilirubin and Albumin test by latest near patient technology Digital Microfluidics. Designed to address the need for tests requiring low blood volume with a fast turnaround time