Diagnostic Solutions

High-tech of Fully automated ELISA systems with variable capacity to cover all laboratory’s needs (low, med high)

Full range of immunoassay kits.

A high throughput laboratory solution that quantitatively measures the activity of four lysosomal enzymes (LSDs) related to (Mucopolysaccharidosis Type I (MPS I), Pompe, Gaucher or Fabry diseases ) from newborn dried blood spot specimens.

Medium and high-capacity Analyzers provides high quality parameter related to gastrointestinal health tests like, Colorectal cancer screening test (FIT), Fecal Calprotectin and Fecal Transferrin testing solutions.

invasive fungal infections

Early detection of invasive fungal infections by quantitative determination of(Beta 1-3 D Glucan) that allow the physician to provide an early treatment for patients.

Tuberculosis infection (TB)

Automated Active &Latent Tuberculosis screening (IGRA test by Elispot) technique )

HbA1c and Thalassemia testing via HPLC technology from low to high-capacity laboratories

Hepatocellular Carcinoma (AFP L3%, DCP) liver cancer early detection

MCM5 biomarker detection by Elisa, to screen and assists bladder cancer.